Asphalt and Concrete Deals

Schedule your work outside of peak season, or provide us more scheduling flexibility, and save yourself money.

Airlines, sporting events, Uber. We’ve all become accustomed to variable pricing based upon supply and demand. In the pavement business, this is a simple reality, as we experience intense demand for our services in the peak summer season, putting strain on equipment and manpower resources. The truth is that many asphalt and concrete projects can be performed year-round. And shifting a project a couple months forward or back can have positive benefits for both us and our customers. We hope you’ll partner with us and take advantage of these significant cost savings.

Flexible Scheduling Discount (12.5% off)

Perhaps you have a project you need to be done this budget cycle, but it’s not urgent. Give us a 6-month window in which to execute the work and you’ll earn a 12.5% discount. This allows us to pick a time on the calendar where the project fits the best, and can often be consolidated with other work we’re doing in your area.

This discount applies to asphalt, concrete or curb projects that are $20,000 or less for each service and per site. So the discounting could actually be assessed to $60,000 ($7,500 off) if there were $20,000 of asphalt, concrete and curbing. If you have multiple sites, the discount could apply to each individually.

Seal coating and striping services are specifically excluded from this discount program because they must necessarily be performed in the peak season per the weather requirements of the materials.

Rain Or Shine Discount (15% off)

This discount applies to work installed between Nov. 1st and Mar. 1st that is not sensitive to weather interruptions and includes these services:


All discounts listed above are pre-tax. So the savings actually end up being slightly more, because we’re charging tax on fewer dollars.

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