Asphalt and Concrete Projects in WA

Manchester Fuel Depot ($51,087)

Manchester Fuel Depot Project
Manchester Fuel Depot is a military installation run by the Department of the Navy in Kitsap County. This project involved full depth repairs to an auxiliary security road around the perimeter of the property. Approximately 25,000 square feet were milled and repaved in two days.

Swedish Hospital ($62,576)

Swedish Hostpital Sidewalk Repair Project
This project involved facilitating Swedish Hospital’s compliance with the City of Seattle sidewalk repair program. We repaired several trip hazards in the city sidewalks adjacent to their Capitol Hill campus. We also managed the process of procuring the necessary right-of-way permit, traffic and pedestrian management plan, flaggers and uniformed police officers and purchase of metered parking to facilitate the performance of the work.

Mt. Si Mobile Home Park ($195,768)

Mount Si Mobile Home Park Project
Mt. Si Mobile Home Park is an 85-unit community in North Bend. This project involved overlaying 45,000 square feet of driveways and removing and repaving the common roads, about 92,000 square feet.

Mercer Island School District ($262,454)

Mercer Island School District Project
This was a wide-reaching contract that involved multiple disciplines at several schools and administrative buildings throughout the school district. We had to work on a tight timeframe and had fewer than five weeks from the time of initial bid request to final completion — all while managing our existing workflow in August, which is historically our busiest month of the year. A letter of recommendation from this customer is showcased on our website.

Lake Sammamish State Park ($34,971)

Lake Sammamish State Park Project

Lake Sammamish State Park is a popular tourist destination in the summer, and they also lease their parking lot to the local Costco store for employee parking, so it sees heavy traffic volume throughout the week and throughout the year. We were hired to perform a grind and overlay to specified areas of the parking lot. The total job tonnage was approximately 220 tons of asphalt excavated and replaced. The job was completed in 2 days.

Suncadia Path Paving ($51,168)

Suncadia Path Paving Project

Suncadia is a resort located in Cle Elum, WA, about 30 miles east of Snoqualmie Pass. Because of their remote location, they often have trouble finding quality vendors who are skilled to perform large jobs. We have performed dozens of jobs for them, including their sister associations. This job involved paving a new hiker/ biker trail with placement of 630 tons of 5/8 minus crushed surface top course and 260 tons of asphalt.

City of Normandy Park sidewalks ($26,890)

City of Normandy Park sidewalks Project

This job involved placement of approximately 200 lineal feet of city sidewalks. It was a joint enterprise with the city as they supplied all materials and our company provided the labor for the project.

Funko Warehouse ($17,249)

Funko Warehouse Project

Our company performs a variety of striping and pavement marking services, both interior and exterior. This was a specialty job that first required shot-blasting of the concrete slab coating to provide a suitable surface for the adhesion of traffic paint. The customer needed a new system to manage the inflow and outflow of their inventory in the warehouse. We provided stall line painting and numbering stencils throughout the warehouse.

Century Link ($4,228,819) *Multi-Year, Ongoing Project

Century Link Project

Centurylink is a leading provider of telephone and high speed internet services. Most of their infrastructure is located within easements below/above the public right-of-way. To maintain and upgrade their assets, it is often necessary to dig up the roads and/or sidewalks. We are hired to restore them to comply with government regulations and standards. This is a current and ongoing contract for our company. We are familiar and skilled at working in the public right-of-way and setting up traffic control signs, cones, and flaggers.

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