Rainier Asphalt & Concrete announces annual community gift of services

On the occasion of our company’s 10 year anniversary of being located in North Bend, we make a significant announcement of our intention to partner with the community (see letter below). If you’d like to submit an idea, please fill out the form located at the bottom of this page.

January 5, 2017

Kenneth Hearing, Mayor
City of North Bend
P.O. Box 896
North Bend, WA  98045

Mayor Hearing:

I wanted to share with you an initiative that our company, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete, will be launching this New Year that will involve our company providing an annual $20,000 gift-in-kind to the City of North Bend. But first a story:

Our company slogan is Your Trusted Partner. The idea of partnership is something that was first presented to us in the context of our sales efforts. We hired a consultant three years ago and he encouraged us to seek customers who wanted to act like and be treated like a partner — not just a customer. The results have been fabulous as our business has doubled in the last two years.

Because of the success in the sales arena, we decided to expand this concept to our relationship with our employees, and we have greatly expanded our health care and retirement benefits for our employees. This year we’re launching an incentive pay program that will involve every person in the organization. We also meet individually with each employee at least twice a year to check in and make sure their career trajectory and role with the company is moving in the right direction. I think if one would talk with any of our employees, they would tell you that their relationship with the company is one of a partner, not merely an employee.

Next we approached certain key vendors and asked how we could collaborate to help one another reach our shared goals. Again, we were amazed at how we were welcomed into a great dialogue and we have seen lots of progress with our vendor relationships.

About 18 months ago, we gave a small gift to the City in the form of some asphalt seal coating at Torguson Park. In some ways, you were doing us a favor because we had leftover material at the end of our season and we needed a place to put it. Nonetheless, this experience planted the seed of how we could do similar things in the future to be a blessing to our neighbors and community.

Therefore, today we would like to engage our city in partnership as we announce the beginning of an annual program where we will donate up to $20,000 of value of any of the services that we provide. We suggest taking proposals from the community and we will work with Public Works Director Mark Rigos or his designee to choose which project(s) to do each year and to arrange the orchestration of the work.

As you may know, we are an asphalt, concrete and pavement markings company. So the nature of the work could involve, but isn’t limited to: fixing trip hazards, fixing potholes, installing ADA (wheelchair ramps), installation of new sidewalks or paths, preventative pavement maintenance, traffic calming devices, pedestrian safety, etc.

We are passionate about what we do every day, and are excited how we can be involved in the community in this way. Longer term, we would like to lead efforts to encourage (and organize) other Valley businesses to follow suit with the services and talents that they have.

I look forward to your response and I suggest we meet to discuss how we can move this initiative forward early in this New Year.

Thank you,

Tom Merry

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