Asphalt Pothole Repair Seattle

We have invested in a fleet of specialized equipment that is perfect for perform these sorts of repairs in a cost-effective way. Traditional paving equipment for bigger jobs — dump trucks, paving machines and rollers — is often overkill for these sorts of repairs, and is difficult to mobilize without breaking the bank.

Our “hot patcher” truck setup allows us to transport hot mix to multiple small jobs in a single day. There’s no need to return to the asphalt plant for each job, and we don’t worry about the mix getting too cold prematurely. We can sometimes perform up to 10 small jobs or more in a single day with this equipment. This means a high quality product at an affordable rate, and the ability to perform this work year-round in almost any weather conditions.

An important part of ensuring a quality asphalt pothole repair is that the mix is an appropriate temperate at the time it is placed and compacted. If it gets under 175 degrees, the final product will often crumble or disintegrate. That is why small jobs performed out of dump trucks in the colder months are at risk of failing. Because our equipment has propane burners to keep the material hot all day, it is like coming straight from the asphalt plant when it is applied at your jobsite. More information and best practices can be found HERE at the Asphalt Institute’s website.

With multiple offices in the Puget Sound region, we can service the entire urban core from Everett to Olympia and everywhere in between.


The links below will take you to data sheet and manufacturer’s specifications for the various products we use.

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