Asphalt Repair Seattle WA

Asphalt Repair Seattle WA

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Asphalt Repair Seattle: there are four key factors to asphalt repair Seattle to make the finished product pavement last: (1) type and quality of the sub-base that the asphalt sits atop, (2) pavement thickness that is suitable for the type and volume of traffic, (3) craftsmanship and construction methods, and (4) proper drainage theory and implementation.

  • SUB-BASE. There is an important distinction between sub-base and base. The sub-base is the native soil that we want to build a pavement on. The base is the gravel material we import that the pavement will sit atop. All else equal, the worse the sub-base, the more effort we’ll need to put into constructing an appropriate base and pavement. It’s much harder to make pavement last on soft and wet sub-bases (think wetlands), than it is for dry and hard sub-bases. Increasing the aggregate size and total thickness of the base will lengthen the longevity of the pavement.
  • PAVEMENT THICKNESS. A residential driveway could be as thin as 2″. Municipal thoroughfares and highways can be 24″ or more. As a rule of thumb, the more traffic volume and heavier it is, the thicker the pavement is that will be required.
  • CONSTRUCTION METHODS. Proper heat, density (compaction) and joint construction (where the paver passes kneed together) all contribute to the longevity of a pavement. Irrespective of initial appearance, a knowledgeable contractor adhering to these issues will install a pavement that lasts longer.
  • DRAINAGE. The asphalt institute claims that the three biggest enemies of asphalt longevity are: “water, water and water.” It is imperative that the pavement is designed to allow water to get off of the surface or to strategically placed storm drainage structures.

We offer a number of specific asphalt repair and paving services in Seattle and the surrounding areas, including:

  • New asphalt paving
  • Full depth remove and replace
  • Asphalt Overlays
  • Perimeter key-in grind and inlay
  • Grind and overlay
  • Petromat overlay


The links below will take you to data sheet and manufacturer’s specifications for the various products we use.

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