Concrete ADA Ramps Seattle Contractor

The Solution

We have a proven Design/Build process to  bring our customer’s sites into compliance, therefore reducing the likelihood of loss exposure or lawsuits. Our process will add value by:

  1. Getting an expert involved (licensed Professional Civil Engineer) in the design process who understands the constantly changing standards and specifications for your jurisdiction.
  2. Reducing lawsuits by preemptively upgrading the site to prepare them for possible litigants or advocacy groups.
  3. Reducing construction costs by having a defined scope of work before the construction begins. Fewer unknowns at the start of construction leads to fewer assumptions, more accurate pricing and also fewer change orders during construction.
  4. Reducing downtime and project completion duration by not needing to “engineer in the field” and providing a streamlined process with experienced industry experts. We install over 200 ADA ramps/year in the Seattle metro area.
  5. Working with one company throughout the entire process.
  6. Receiving a credit of 10% of design costs toward construction if you hire Rainier to complete the “build” aspect


  1. Survey in the field ($250/hour w/ $1,000 minimum per project)
  2. Design work in the office ($150/hour w/ $1,500 minimum per project)
  3. Engineered “As-built” post completion (optional) to document and substantiate the compliance ($150/hour w/ $500 minimum per project)


  1. Licensed Professional Civil Engineers (PE) who have designed thousands of curb ramps in the Puget sound area.
  2. Surveys will be prepared by licensed surveyors. We also have the option of using a 3D laser scanning device, so we can understand all surroundings and the implications of existing obstructions.
  3. Experienced construction Project Management staff and crews that have installed nearly 1,000 ADA ramp projects.
  4. Two Puget Sound locations (Eastside and Tacoma)


The links below will take you to data sheet and manufacturer’s specifications for the various products we use.

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