Seattle Sidewalk Repair

Keep up to Code

Did you receive a notice from the City of Seattle with a Street Use Warning that requires you to obtain a Street Use Sidewalk repair permit?

The City of Seattle requires that properties owners keep any sidewalk adjacent to their properties safe for public travel. This includes replacing and repairing damaged Seattle sidewalk. Rainier Asphalt & Concrete is qualified and experienced in providing top quality sidewalk repairs for businesses in Seattle. Not only can we provide the best sidewalk repairs in Seattle, we also can manage the process of procuring the necessary right-of-way permit, traffic and pedestrian management plan, flaggers and uniformed police officers (if required), and the purchase of metered parking to facilitate the performance of the work.

Our concrete General Manager has over 15 years of industry experience and our crews have an abundance of experience not only in the industry, but working together as well.

We use a number of well-respected concrete suppliers around the Seattle area, including: Cemex, Miles Resources, CalPortland, Stoneway, Salmon Bay and Cadman.

Find out more about Seattle sidewalk repair rules and regulations HERE and HERE.

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