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Proper signage communicates in a concise and simple manner. Without signs, your parking lot would be in a constant state of disorder. This could result in the increased probability of vehicle accidents, collisions and injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s not-in-traffic surveillance system, there has been an average of over 1,600 deaths each year as a result of non-traffic accidents. Non-traffic accidents are crashes that occur off the public roadways, such as in parking lot facilities. A well-organized parking lot with proper signage can prevent accidents, direct traffic and helps ensure the overall safety of anyone entering or leaving. The quality and visibility of your parking lot signs is an important part in the appearance and safety of your property


The links below will take you to data sheet and manufacturer’s specifications for the various products we use.

What kind of cement mix is used for extruded curbing? How is this different from other cements?

Extruded curbing is placed using a unique mix which is drier than other concrete mixes. It will cure faster and the finishing process can be completed sooner.

How is extruded curb placed?

Extruded curbing is placed using a curbing machine and then finished by hand.

How much does it cost?

Factor that affect the cost of an extruded curbing job are: (1) Amount of removal/excavation to complete (2) Total lineal feet to place (3) Total number of locations and (4) Mold/uniqueness of the mold/shape.

Does curbing require a sub-base?

Yes, extruded curbing should be placed on a solid base, either asphalt or concrete. It should not be placed directly on top of dirt.

What should be done about root damage?

If roots are causing the curb to bulge upward, it is necessary to remove the curb, sub-base and the roots. Extruded curbing should not be replaced without removing the roots.

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