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Because of our abundance of abusive weather in these parts, parking lot striping (or painting) is a regular and recurring necessity to keep parking lots looking sharp and organized. Outdoor parking lots and curbs usually require re-striping about every 2-4 years, depending on traffic volume and weather.

Our project managers are experienced at completing projects that require parking lots to remain partially accessible while they are being worked on. We use commercial-grade equipment and materials for a professional-looking and long-lasting finish. Our traffic paints are the industry standard and are the same products that you would see on municipality thoroughfares. We can create custom stencils for placement on your lot to keep cars organized and keep drivers from being confused. Also, we can help you become or remain compliant with fire department regulations with regard to Fire Lane and No Parking areas.


The links below will take you to data sheet and manufacturer’s specifications for the various products we use.

Striping FAQ’s

What sort of weather requirements are there to complete striping projects?

We need dry weather and ambient temperatures above 45 degrees.

How long does it take for paint to dry?

Depending upon ambient temperatures, solvent-based traffic paint can be dry within about 15 minutes.

What sorts of stencils can you make?

We can get you just about any stencil. This includes customary stencils such as “Compact,” “No Parking” or “Reserved” or custom-ordered stencils such as “Bob’s Parking Only.”

What sort of striping paint do you use?

We use a handful of name-brand solvent-based traffic paints. These paints are designed and formulated for application on pavements.

What kind of striping equipment do you use?

Our striping paints are applied using a small-engine-powered airless striping machine.

What kind of paint is used for curbs?

The same solvent-based traffic paint is used for curbs.

How much does it cost?

Factors that affect the price of a striping job are (1) Layout time, if necessary (2) Total lineal footage or units (3) Cleaning time (4) Number of colors necessary (5) Number and size of stencils.

Can you help us become compliant with ADA and Fire Code requirements?


What colors are available for striping?

We can get traffic paint in white, yellow, red, blue and black (for “erasing”).

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