All About Asphalt Milling in the Pacific NW

Pacific Northwest property owners have a lot to think about when their asphalt pavement deteriorates. Asphalt milling is a great solution for pavement restoration if your asphalt has some surface damage but is stable. With milling services from your trusted local asphalt paving company, you can get your parking lot or driveway back to full function in no time.

All About Asphalt Milling in the Pacific NW

What is Pavement Milling?

During asphalt resurfacing services, reputable paving contractors use specialized asphalt grinding equipment called milling machines to remove the upper layer of asphalt, automatically loading it onto a truck. Milling leaves a textured surface that allows a new asphalt layer to adhere, creating stable pavement that’s good as new!

What Pavement Issues Milling Can Address

  • Cracking – Shallow cracks less than 1/4 inch wide can be fixed by crack sealing services, but if there are extensive cracks or you’ve already had crack sealing over and over again, asphalt milling can restore the whole asphalt surface.
  • Drainage Issues – Pavement height can affect the slope of your parking lot or driveway, which is the angle at which the surface sits. If an uneven slope is causing drainage issues, getting asphalt milling and resurfacing can fix that, allowing water to run away from the pavement.
  • Raveling – When your pavement has surface deterioration with a rough surface, milling is recommended because the entire damaged surface is removed, allowing for a smooth surface to be installed on top of the exposed base.

Benefits of Pavement Milling

  • Environmentally Friendly – When paving contractors remove the top surface, that asphalt is recycled into other pavement projects.
  • Quick Repairs – These services are much quicker than a complete pavement removal and replacement.
  • Cost Effective – Because it’s quicker and easier, asphalt milling costs much less than pavement replacement.
  • Extends Pavement Life – A new asphalt top layer will last for at least a decade, if not two, which puts off expensive replacement and extends the life of your asphalt pavement.

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete: Kent WA’s Asphalt Milling Experts

The professional paving contractors at Rainier Asphalt & Concrete have the right equipment and expertise to restore your pavement with asphalt milling and resurfacing. If you’re not sure if pavement milling is right for your Pacific NW property, contact us for a free pavement inspection and detailed estimate.


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