Asphalt Repair Project in Olympia WA

For asphalt pavement that sees a lot of traffic, getting regular asphalt maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your drive-through, parking lot, or loading zone. Without sealcoating and other minor repairs, asphalt can break down and become unstable. Recently a property owner in Olympia WA contacted us about their deteriorating parking lot. We’d been out to fix a broken concrete walkway before, and they were so pleased with the work of the Rainier Asphalt & Concrete crew that they trusted us with their parking lot.

Customer had severe asphalt deterioration throughout a highly trafficked drivelines and were looking for a long term fix. During our detailed parking lot inspection (free to all clients), we discovered that the damage had gone down to the gravel underlayer, so there would need to be full depth asphalt repairs performed, as well as challenges with the layout of the lot. Because this was an assisted living facility, the property needed to remain open to emergency vehicles throughout the project, which gave our paving crew a tight deadline.

We were up for the challenge and dedicated to our Tacoma WA are customers, so we got to work quickly performing full-depth asphalt patching throughout the property while working in and around tight access points. Our parking lot experts had also informed the client that the best way to protect against further wear was with an asphalt sealcoating, so we applied a sealant as well as restriped the parking lines.

All in all, our Olympia WA customers were very pleased with their restored parking lot and knew they’d be calling Rainier Asphalt & Concrete if anything went wrong again!

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