Best Paving Company in Bainbridge Island WA

Throughout two full decades, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete has grown to be Bainbridge Island WA’s pavement experts, providing professional paving services like parking lot installation and concrete repair in the greater Tacoma area since 2000. Our experienced paving contractors will improve your property with a new parking lot, concrete installations, or even asphalt repairs on existing pavement, and we’ll do it with your needs in mind.

Best Asphalt & Concrete Service in Bainbridge Island WA

  • Concrete Curbs & Drainage

  • Grading & Site Preparation

  • Extruded Curbing Removal & Repair

  • Asphalt Installation

  • Pavement Repairs

  • Parking Lot Striping


  • Our founder personally provides oversight to every paving job, making sure that every asphalt or concrete job is done to professionally and precisely.
  • As professional paving solutions are increasingly sought after in Washington state, we grow and nurture our expertise with paving processes, equipment, and technologies.
  • We maintain certification and licensing for all of our contractors to ensure that paving work is done smoothly and legally in every area that we pave.

All About Beautiful Bainbridge Island WA

Both a city and an island, Bainbridge Island WA is part of Kitsap County. The city has an estimated census of 25,298 as of 2019. It is separated from the Kitsap Peninsula by Port Orchard while being connected to Seattle via the Washington State Ferries as well as Highway 305. Originally the island was relinquished by the native Suquamish in 1855 by signing the Point Elliott Treaty.

For those looking for natural areas to spend time in, Bainbridge Island is one of the best locations in Washington State. Multiple nature reserves exist in and around Bainbridge Island, including the Bloedel Reserve, where the natural foliage and wildlife areas have been preserved for locals and tourists alike. One of these reserves, Halls Hill Lookout, even features a labyrinth! The local historical museum documents the history of the island, even stretching back to when it was owned by the native population. Also, Bainbridge Island features a bustling alcohol brewing and distilling community, with local wineries and distilleries for you to visit. No matter if you come alone or as a family getaway, there’s something natural for anyone in Bainbridge Island!

How to Choose a Commercial Paving Contractor

When you need a new parking lot or repairs on existing commercial pavement, you need to find a trusted paving contractor. While any contractor can throw down some asphalt, only your area’s most experienced and reputable paving company can provide the best paving workmanship for the best price. But how do you find the right one?

How to Choose a Commercial Paving Contractor

Find a Contractor with Commercial Paving Experience.

While many paving companies do both commercial and residential paving jobs, business owners need to find a contractor who is familiar with the scope and finishing on larger paving jobs like parking lots or industrial pavement.

Check References from Commercial Customers.

See what the paving contractor’s previous clients have to say about their work! A reputable paving company will have a website with reviews and testimonials, even pictures of completed pavement projects.

Get a Company That Does Pavement Repairs.

If something goes wrong with your pavement, you need to know you can call your trusted paving company for repairs too. A reputable company will have a wide range of paving services available to their business clients.

Make Sure They Do Maintenance Services.

Your business is going to be around for a while, so you want a paving company who will be sticking around too. A good paving company will work out an ongoing pavement maintenance schedule with you to keep your pavement looking good over the years.

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete: Bainbridge Island WA’s Commercial Paving Experts

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete, Bainbridge Island WA’s trusted commercial paving contractor, is the right choice for commercial property owners because we’re experienced, licensed, dedicated, and we have a long history paving commercial properties in Washington state. Contact the Rainier crew for a free pavement inspection and consultation with one of our commercial asphalt experts.

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