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For over two decades, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete has been serving the Puget Sound area of Washington with professional paving services, installing both concrete and asphalt for residential and commercial clients. We’re Federal Way WA’s trusted paving company because we care for every client and bring a high level of workmanship and integrity to every paving project.

Best Paving Services Offered in Federal Way WA

– Parking Lot Paving

– Extruded Curbing

– Pavement Maintenance

– Concrete Paving

– Asphalt Repair

– Line Striping


  • We are a Puget Sound professional paving contractor with a solid 20 year history, eager to pave properties and roadways in Washington state.
  • Our founder has imparted upon every one of our employees their solid work ethic, a customer-first philosophy that maintains our exceptional training and professional licensing.
  • As Puget Sound’s needs for professional pavement solutions continue, we improve our work experience and skills with new asphalt paving processes, technologies, and equipment.

About Federal Way WA

Located in King County, Washington, Federal Way is within the Seattle metropolitan area. However, with an estimated population of 96,289 as of 2019, Federal Way has its own unique personality as a town. Originally settled as a logging town because of the area’s abundant forests, it was first given its name in 1929. This name was derived from Federal Highway U.S. 99. The city was not incorporated officially until 1990, the official act of which was held at the Sportsworld Lanes bowling complex.

Featuring seven major parks and the lengthy BPA Trail, outdoor attractions are a mainstay of Federal Way. Sports fields, wooded trails, and the 40-acre PowellsWood Garden are other examples of this. The Wild Waves Theme & Water Park is the largest amusement park in the region and features fun for the entire family, with many different attractions and amusements. No matter if you come alone or as part of an extended family, there is enough for everyone to enjoy in the great outdoors of Washington state.

Extruded Concrete Curb Repair in Federal Way WA for HOA

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete, Federal Way WA’s premier paving company, has completed a lot of different asphalt paving jobs in different industries. Recently we were contact by a property manager we’d worked with before to help out a homeowners association that had many different areas of broken asphalt pavement and curbs.

This asphalt repair work had been put off for years because the HOA couldn’t find a pavement repair contractor to act as a teammate. Their asphalt was broken in front of many homes, and residents were starting to look for single asphalt repair solutions to their broken pavement instead of working together within the HOA to fix the whole subdivision. But the HOA came to the right place for help, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete.

We were doing a lot of work that tied into driveways so communication was key for people to make arrangements prior to our arrival. We worked with the HOA to develop a comprehensive phasing plan that could be easily distributed to the homes. Our asphalt repair plan worked for all residents and had daily updates on progress throughout the project.

So what did we do for the Federal Way HOA? We fixed broken pavement as well as used our state of the art extruded curbing system to repair 24 broken concrete curbs throughout the homeowners association, working around drainage systems and creating curved curbing without the expense of premade curbs. The HOA loved their new concrete curbs and thought that the team was professional.

They said that they’ll use Rainier Asphalt & Concrete for all their future paving needs. What about you?

When to Resurface and When to Replace Your Asphalt Parking Lot in Federal Way WA

Washington commercial property owners want to protect their asphalt pavement, but they also want to protect their bottom line. When their pavement assets are suffering from damage or are deteriorating with age, that means they have to make a difficult decision: to resurface or replace an asphalt parking lot. Luckily, this is a decision they don’t have to make alone. A reputable local parking lot paving company can help.

In Federal Way WA and surrounding communities, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete is the trusted asphalt parking lot repair company. We have the right equipment to perform parking lot resurfacing, the experienced paving contractors for a full pavement replacement, and we have the expertise to know when each paving service is appropriate.

When to Resurface and When to Replace Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Though a detailed pavement inspection from professional asphalt paving contractors is the only way to know for sure whether asphalt replacement or resurfacing is in your future, there are certain conditions that make one better than the other.

Choose asphalt resurfacing if your parking lot…

  • Only has damage on less than 30% of the total surface.
  • Has a strong foundation and an undamaged aggregate base layer.
  • Is less than 20 years old.
  • Has only shallow cracks that are less than 1/4 inch wide.

Choose pavement replacement if your asphalt parking lot…

  • You need repairs for more than 30% of the total pavement surface.
  • There are depressions or shifting in due to foundation failure.
  • The asphalt parking lot is more than 25 – 30 years old.
  • Asphalt cracks are more than a few inches deep or wider than 1/4 inch.

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete: Federal Way WA’s Parking Lot Experts

Federal Way WA and the greater Pacific NW area have the help of professional parking lot paving contractors. We can help property owners decide which type of pavement repair is best for their situation, but no matter which one is best, the Rainier Asphalt & Concrete crew can complete it under budget and within the timeline.

If you think your asphalt parking lot needs a resurfacing or replacement, contact us right away for a free inspection and estimate. We’ll help you restore your parking lot!

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