Paving Contractor in Port Orchard WA

For over two decades, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete has established itself as Port Orchard WA’s most trusted paving contractor, completing paving jobs ranging from large parking lots to residential driveways and even roadways. With our paving experience, we can tackle any size pavement project from repairs to installation, and we’ll do it with our exceptional customer service.

Best Asphalt Installation Service in Port Orchard WA

  • Parking Lot Repair

  • Pothole repair

  • Extruded Concrete Curbing

  • Asphalt crack sealing

  • Sealcoating

  • Pavement Installation

  • Concrete Paving

  • Drainage Systems


  • We are committed to high quality of workmanship and training for each of our paving professionals, permitting them to uphold the highest professional standards of quality to ensure customer happiness in every job.
  • We make sure our contractors maintain certification and professional licensing so they can deliver the best quality of paving work in their area.
  • Our maintenance standards go above and beyond, permitting us to expand our processes and equipment to keep up with the changing technologies so we can better serve our customers.

Enjoy Scenic Port Orchard WA

A city in and the county seat of Kitsap County Washington, Port Orchard WA is 13 miles west of West Seattle and is connected to it via the Washington State Ferries. It is named for Port Orchard, the strait that properly separates Bainbridge Island from the Kitsap Peninsula. As of 2019, they had a population estimated at 14,597. The town was first known as Sidney until 1903, when local politician Will Thompson convinced the state legislature to set a name change in motion, resulting in Sidney being renamed Port Orchard.

Multiple parks, both county and state, are excellent places to visit around the town, including the Port Orchard Waterfront Park for access to Sinclair Inlet. Visitors can enjoy fresh water at Long Lake County Park as well. In fact, the entirety of Kitsap County is highly accessible, possessing much in the way of natural beauty and untouched wilderness. Multiple antique dealers are located in the area, as well as galleries and museums for visitors interested in history. If you want to go back in time to a place that is both rustic, sea-side, and in touch with the local wilderness, then Port Orchard is the place for you.

The Asphalt Paving Experts. Rainier Asphalt.

The Asphalt Paving Experts. Rainier Asphalt.

In Washington communities like Port Orchard WA, there is one paving company that stands above the rest: Rainier Asphalt & Concrete. We’ve been installing parking lots, roads, loading zones, and decorative paving for businesses and real estate developers in Washington for decades. With this breadth of experience, we can tackle even the most complicated paving project.

Commercial Asphalt Paving FAQs

What are the benefits of asphalt?

  • Smooth pavement ideal for vehicle traffic
  • Cheaper to install than concrete
  • Cost-effective maintenance services
  • Lasts for decades
  • Improves curb appeal
  • Increases property values

How does asphalt deteriorate?

Though it’s one of the most durable construction materials out there, asphalt will break down over time. Sunlight can break down the oils within the asphalt, making it brittle. Water can get into cracks, then freeze, breaking up the binders within the pavement. Tires pressing into the surface can also wear away both pavement markings and asphalt.

What kind of asphalt repairs are available?

  • Crack filling will seal over asphalt cracks so that they don’t widen and cause more issues.
  • Line striping services repaint parking stall lines, accessible parking spaces, and traffic lanes so that visitors can navigate your parking lot.
  • Asphalt sealcoating adds a thin layer of asphalt that repairs small imperfections on the pavement surface as well as protecting it from sun damage.
  • Patching services can replace damaged sections of pavement, saving money while fixing damage like potholes or raveling.

Choose Rainier Asphalt & Concrete for your next paving project!

When you’re considering new asphalt and/or concrete paving for your commercial property in the Puget Sound area, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete is the best choice. With decades of experienced and reputable paving contractors, they’re the only choice! Contact our paving experts to schedule a free site inspection today and find out what Rainier can do for you!

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