Extruded Concrete Curbing

Commercial property owners want their pavement to look its best, and professional parking lot installation is a major part of that. When potential customers see a smooth, perfect parking lot, they know you care about their safety.

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete, Tacoma WA’s premier paving company, has been helping commercial property owners and property managers with thier extruded curb repair projects for over 15 years now!  We own state-of-the-art curb installation technology to help their local customers get smooth, professional-looking commercial pavement. We can create a beautiful new parking lot from start to finish, including concrete curbs to protect your landscaping or sidewalks.

What is Extruded Concrete Curbing?

Extruded curbs are attractive and clean barriers between pavement and landscaping, protecting both your asphalt and your property. The curb is created from high-quality concrete that is laid down in a continuous line by specialized curbing equipment that shapes the concrete as it leaves the machine.

Benefits of Extruded Concrete Curbing

Durable Concrete

These curbs are made from high-quality concrete products that are just as strong and long-lasting as traditional concrete, even more so! Additives and colorants can also be added to the concrete for different looks.

Unlimited Curb Design

There are a million ways to shape the curbs as they’re applied, so paving contractors can create parking lot islands, match complicated landscaping curves, or in any curved or angled shape.

Ease of Installation

Extruding is a much faster way of installing concrete curbs, creating barriers in even the most complicated shapes with ease, cutting down on installation time, which saves you money!

Flexible Installation

Extruded curbs can also be installed on top of finished asphalt, so you can schedule your paving whenever you need it. Experienced paving contractors can also remove damaged curbing to replace it with extruded curbs.

Why Choose Rainier Asphalt Tacoma for Concrete Services

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete, Tacoma WA’s concrete experts, are proud to serve the Puget Sound area with the highest quality parking lot paving and commercial concrete services, including extruded concrete curbing.  Check out our recent Tacoma area jobs by clicking here.

If you need to improve your Washington commercial property with new concrete curbs, sidewalks, walkways, or bollards, give us a call!

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