Parking Lot Catch Basin Repair in Auburn WA

Improper drainage is the number one factor for deteriorating parking lots. If water can’t flow away from your asphalt pavement and flow into proper municipal drainage systems, then it will pool on top of the asphalt surface and cause problems like cracks and potholes. A commercial property owner in Auburn WA learned this lesson the hard way, but they knew they had a reputable paving company on their side.

In Auburn WA, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete is the trusted local paving company for parking lot repairs and concrete drainage system issues. We have decades of experience with asphalt and concrete paving, so we understand how to restore and protect your asphalt parking lot.

Our Auburn WA commercial property owner had an issue with the catch basins in his parking lot. Catch basins collect water through drains and direct it into municipal water systems, but they can’t do their job if the drains are blocked or not set properly, and that was the case on this parking lot. The property was due for sealcoating and asphalt repairs near the drains.

The Rainier Asphalt & Concrete paving crew got to work quickly to minimize impact on the business. We provided a full parking lot maintenance package for all the asphalt and concrete on the property. First, our experienced paving contractors sawcut, ripped out and replaced 225 square feet of asphalt around damaged catch basins, then crack filled several areas, replaced 124 feet of damaged concrete curbs, and finally restriped the entire property to create fire lanes and parking stalls. Our customer was happy overall with the work performed and was very happy that we got the job done in a timely fashion.

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