Parking Lot Paving Project in Lakewood WA Retail Complex

Recently the property manager for a large retail complex in Lakewood WA needed a one-stop shop for their parking lot paving project. Our crew was wrapping up a job up the road in Lacey WA so we were able to put together a site visit later that week.  Luckily, the premier paving company in the greater Tacoma area, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete, was there for them because the site was a very busy shopping center, the client needed us to work very closely with them to coordinate the work.

We had to execute our work quickly to minimize impact on the tenants and their customers, including asphalt milling and paving, concrete repairs and line striping to get their pavement up to ADA standards. Because we have trained contractors and specialized equipment, we were able to perform all the work in house without having to involve two or even three individual contractors. The professional paving experts at Rainier made the pricing, contract administration and scheduling a breeze for our commercial client.

First we ground down and removed over 1,000 tons of damaged asphalt in the common roads and parking lots of the large commercial retail complex. Our concrete contractors also repaired several areas around storm drainage to fix drainage issues, as well as upgrading some concrete areas to meet ADA requirements. We also performed line striping services, largely a restripe of existing pavement markings, but the striping work also included some new layouts to meet ADA requirements in the parking lot as well.

All and all, we were able to take the parking lots and drainage areas on this large commercial retail complex from a sorry state into a beautiful, ADA-compliant parking lot. The customer was referred to us from another satisfied client, and they became a satisfied client too by the time the job was done. The customer was pleased that we were able to meet their budget and exceed their project, and we were invited to bid on more projects for the same firm in the ensuing year.

If you want that kind of service on your Tacoma WA area commercial property, contact Rainier Asphalt & Concrete today!

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