Parking Lot Repair

Repair Your Parking Lot with Rainier Asphalt

Since your parking lot is the first impression your commercial property gives, it’s vital to the health of your business to keep it up. If your asphalt parking lot has suffered damage from weather or just from use, you can’t wait on getting professional parking lot repair. If left untreated, parking lot damage like potholes or cracks can lead to complete asphalt failure. Remember, parking lot repairs are cheaper and easier than parking lot replacement!

You Need the Tacoma WA Parking Lot Repair Experts

In Tacoma WA, the trusted pavement repair experts are Rainier Asphalt & Concrete. With over twenty years experience with paving in Washington state, we can tackle even the worst pavement damage and get you back to business quickly.

Parking Lot Repair Services

Your trusted local asphalt paving company has a lot of different pavement repair services that are targeted toward common asphalt problems, including:

  • Crack Sealing – Cracks in your pavement are sealed up by injecting or pouring liquid asphalt binders into them, repairing the pavement while allowing it to remain flexible.
  • Pothole Repair – Professional repair of deteriorated pavement involves removing all debris, filling the hole with high quality asphalt, and compacting it to provide a permanent fix.
  • Resurfacing – For alligator cracking or large areas of surface damage, a thin layer of asphalt slurry can be poured over the entire surface.

Parking Lot Replacement

Sometimes, damage to your asphalt can go deep enough that you need to have it replaced. While this can be a scary prospect for a commercial property owner, a reputable parking lot paving company can replace your asphalt with minimal business interruption. Here’s how:

  • First, the damaged pavement is cut away using special equipment, either by cutting or milling. The asphalt milling process removes just the top layer of asphalt, leaving a textured surface that’s ready for a fresh layer.
  • If there is any damage to the gravel underlayer, then this is fixed by replacing, compacting, and grading a new underlayer.
  • Finally, a new asphalt layer of a thickness appropriate to your traffic level is poured, allowed to cure, and finished with line striping, sealcoating, or concrete curbs.

For parking lot damage in Tacoma WA, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete can help! Contact us for more information about our parking lot repair services.

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