Rip out and replace parking lot paving project in Gig Harbor WA

In Gig Harbor WA, the trusted paving company is Rainier Asphalt & Concrete because we care about our clients. We recently had an existing Gig Harbor client contact us about some dangerous buckling and cracks in their parking lot. We got a pavement expert out to the site right away to inspect their parking lot and give a detailed estimate of how we could help.

It turns out there was a tree growing underneath the pavement! The roots were growing through the gravel base layer under the asphalt and pushing it up in areas. This buckling had caused serious trip hazards for visitors to the commercial property, which is a serious liability for the property owners. The tree was actually owned by the City of Gig Harbor WA, and the city had it removed but also required that the business fix their parking lot, especially the accessible parking spaces that were affected.

The pavement experts at Rainier Asphalt & Concrete have the experience to get their parking lot up to code! First we removed 3400 square feet of asphalt, and then we excavated the base layer as well. We then graded the area to allow for correct drainage as required by the city. Next, we repaved the entire parking lot, and finally painted all parking lines and ADA symbols to make their lot not only beautiful but compliant with the ADA and municipal ordinances. Our client was very pleased with our workmanship and the finished look of the lot.

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