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Parking Lot and Extruded Concrete Curb Repair Project in Burien WA

Recently a business owner in Burien WA had a damaged parking lot with broken curbs as well. They didn’t know which paving company could help because their curbs had a complicated curved design, but the property manager knew that Rainier Asphalt & Concrete is Burien WA’s best parking lot repair company and suggested they give us a call.

We answered their call immediately and were able to quickly schedule a pavement inspection. That revealed that the asphalt had deteriorated because of failures in the sub base. Some tree roots had grown up through the asphalt, further breaking it as well as the concrete curbing. After consulting with the client, we determined that asphalt patching services could fix the damaged asphalt, and that replacing their broken curbs with extruded curbing would create a brand new looking parking lot.

The experienced paving contractors from Rainier Asphalt & Concrete were able to clean up the parking lot by removing the tree roots and damaged asphalt and replacing with new material. Next, we used our state of the art concrete curbing equipment to create curved curbs to protect the landscaping and give the parking lot a professional look.

Our customer was pleased with the new look to the parking lot. A lot cleaner, smoother surface for driving over and safer parking stalls with no more tree roots pushing up the asphalt. They were so pleased with our work that they contracted us for sealcoating and restriping the lot this summer.

If you want to be this pleased with your parking lot repair and curbing work, contact Rainier Asphalt & Concrete.

Concrete Removal and Paving Project in Renton WA

In cities around Seattle like Renton WA, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete is the premier paving company because we always take care of our repeat customers. Recently a Renton WA rental property manager who has been happy with previous paving work contacted us about the cracked and damaged concrete pavement. Because of our previous success and quality workmanship, the property manager allowed us to work with the facility manager of the rental property to find a pavement repair solution that worked for them.

The client had numerous areas of cracked concrete throughout the property that were causing trip hazards for tenants after parking their cars in the garages. Cracked and buckled pavement, whether asphalt or concrete, is very dangers not only for drivers but also for pedestrians, and it’s very important for property owners and managers to get it taken care of in a timely manner. Luckily, the Renton WA property manager had our experienced paving crew on their side.

Our company broke up and removed the worst damaged areas, over a thousand square feet of damaged concrete sidewalk panels as well as garage aprons, and then we hauled it away for recycling in other pavement projects. Then we replaced the damaged areas with a new layer of exposed aggregate concrete. The exposed aggregates (mostly small rocks and gravel) provide traction for vehicle tires and shoes.

Both the facility manager and the tenants were very pleased with the end result! Contact Rainier Asphalt & Concrete, Renton WA’s premier paving company, to fix your concrete sidewalks!

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