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Parking Lot Repair for Shopping Center in Redmond WA

In Redmond WA, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete is the trusted paving contractor for commercial property managers and owners because we always perform paving work to the highest standards of workmanship, earning us long-lasting partnerships with our clients. Recently an existing client who managed a commercial shopping center requested our help with pavement that was suffering from potholes and a large area of damaged asphalt near one of the entryways.

It can be very dangerous to let damaged asphalt pavement go, especially if there are potholes. When damage goes down through the layers of asphalt and affects the gravel underlayer, it can make the pavement unstable and contribute to more damage. In short, potholes can cause instability, which then causes more potholes. That’s why property managers need to get their asphalt repaired quickly and maintained regularly with services like sealcoating.

On the Redmond WA commercial property, we first had to remove the damaged asphalt material down to the base layer. We also recycled that asphalt into new projects, because we care about the environment. After removal, our crew added new gravel aggregate material and recompacted the existing base material to make the new pavement stable. We then placed and compacted new hot mix asphalt over the top layer. This gave customers a safe pathway for their vehicles to enter the shopping center. The property manager was pleased with the finished workmanship and happy that their customers would be safe.

At Rainier Asphalt & Concrete, Redmond WA’s trusted paving company, we’re dedicated to our local customers and their customers, and we use only the highest quality paving products and superior workmanship on every job. To find out what we can do for your property, contact us.

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